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Sara's School Journal

College Senior, Soon-To-Be Grad Student

25 October
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My name is Sara and I live in New Haven, Indiana, USA. I am currently a student at IPFW in Fort Wayne, where I am working on a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Media & Public Communication with a minor in journalism. I start working on my Master of Arts degree in Professional Communication in August 2006. I'm employed at Parkview Hospital. I attend Fellowship Missionary Church. I like Longaberger baskets, Pampered Chef kitchen stuff, and PartyLite candles.

Spring 2006
BIOL 203 - Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL 203 - Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
COM 352 - Mass Communication Law
COM 590A - Advanced Intercultural Communication
SPAN 203 - 2nd Year Spanish I

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This is my school LJ, my personal LJ is lizinka

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